About us

The high standard Diagnostic Laboratories MEDICITY, are of the oldest and most recognized labs in the private sector of Health services. MEDICITY comes as the evolution of Psychico Multi- Medical Center, which was founded in 1982 by the Fousas Family, with the highest concern to provide health treatment of the best quality to every patient. As always, with personal care and top specialization.

In 2015, Psychico Multi­Medical Center was renamed MEDICITY and was fully­renovated and updated, both as premises and as medical­technological equipment, with the most advanced analysers along with high­tech machinery. Also, MEDICITY is staffed by prestigious medical personnel (doctor­nurses) with long­standing experience, always by your side, ready to respond responsibly to all your needs and questions.

Gregory S Fousas      
Doctor, Biopathologist - General Director



We accept all insurances private and state. For any question, please get in touch with us.

We provide and support

Medicines and serums administration, venipucture, catheterizations, parenteral, feeding treatment of bedsores wound gaze­ changes, Blood­tests, urine collection or biological fluids for lab tests with results quickly, handed­in, Constant communication and cooperation with the doctor, Triplex, ultrasounds, X­rays.



Home care diagnostic tests bring a common practice abroad at the comfort of your house: They give you the chance to gain health­care services and immediate diagnosis at your amenities. In this way, unnecessary transfers are avoided by people who don’t wish or simply can’t leave home.



The cardiological check-up is the cornerstone for the prevention and the prompt confrontation of the cardiovascular diseases as well as the reduction in the number of sudden deaths.


Ultrasounds are one of the most reliable diagnostic methods in modern medicine. The advantage of this method is that it is painless, quick and above all it doesn't use radiation like others imaging methods In addition , it is harmless and not very expensive.

Microbiological & Biopathological Laboratory

In our microbiological - biopathological department blood tests, urine tests of other biological body fluids are taking place in order to prevent and to diagnose diseases in time.