The cardiological check-up is the cornerstone for the prevention and the prompt confrontation of the cardiovascular diseases as well as the reduction in the number of sudden deaths. In this way, life expectancy can be increased by improving its quality. At the same time, a considerable reduction of health costs can be succeeded both personally and socially.

All the above are achieved only by visiting the cardiologist who apart from the clinical test examination can also work out a paraclinical checking which includes:

  • Heart Triplex
  • Triplex aortic artery
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Exercise test
  • Holter for blood pressure
  • Holter for rythm

The above tests are some of the most frequently performed medical tests nowadays.

They are easily carried out thanks to the help of the most updated machinery in a few minutes (approx 20 min) and they are painless and harmless. By doing these tests,some symptoms like dyspnoea (difficult breathing), physical strain (tiredness), pains in chest, arrhythmia, fainting can be easily explained and scrutinized for diseases such as pericarditis,  aorta aneurism, possible stenosis or even valve deficiency. Finally, possible ischemias can be detected or even heart failures following heart attacks.