In our microbiological – biopathological department blood tests, urine tests of other biological body fluids are taking place in order to prevent and to diagnose diseases in time. For the better function of the lab we have developed the following minor departments:

Hematology Department

  • Study of anemia (hematocrit, hemoglobin)
  • Study of formed blood elements
  • Study of hemoglobinopathes (thalassemis,hemoglobin electrophoresis)
  • Study of haemostasis (coagulopathy etc)

Biochemistry Department

  •  Indicators of cardiac function
  •  Indicators of liver function
  •  Indicators of renal function
  •  Electrolytes
  •  Drug levels
  •  Cancerous indicators
  •  Thyroid hormones
  •  Hormones checking made-female fertility control
  •  Indicators of chronic diseases
  •  Laboratory Approach of osteoporosis
Microbiological Department

  •  Isolation and identification germs
  •  Urine stool Cultures vaginal discharge
  •  Antibiotics susceptibility testing
  •  Spermograms, infertility investigation

Immunology Department

  • Immune investigation
  • Search allergens (rast tests)
  • Autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, systematic lupus)

Virology Department

  • Detection of viral antigens and antibodies to viruses